Habitat Engineering & Forensics
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Oakland, CA  94612

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  •      Structural Engineering

  •     Civil Engineering

  •    Geotechnical Engineering

  •    Construction Management


  •   Analysis, Design, Investigation & Retrofit of Buildings, Foundations & Retaining Walls

                 (Wood, Steel, Concrete, Brick & Concrete Masonry Units, Adobe)

  •   Condition & Vulnerability Assessments, Damage Evaluation & Failure Analysis of  
         Existing Facilities (Buildings, Historic Structures, Bridges, Silos, Towers, Earth and  
         Water Retaining Systems, Tunnels & Mines, Roadways, Slabs & Pavements, Industrial
         & Offshore Installations, Pipelines, Conduits); Destructive & Non-Destructive Testing

  •    Construction & Demolition Forensics:  Defects, Accidents, Disputes, Standard of Care
        OSHA Standards, Personal Injury Cases

  •   Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

  •   Vibration, Blast and Seismic Analysis; Performance-Based Design

  •   Strengthening for Wind & Earthquakes; Engineering Analysis/Design for Installation of   
        Artwork, Turbines, Power Transmission Lines, Roof-Top Equipment

  •   Finite Element Stress Analysis; Product Development; Failure Simulation

  •    Soil-Structure Interaction Problems

  •   Soil Testing and Report

  •   Temporary & Permanent Shoring/Underpinning

  •   Landslide Control, Slope Stability, Erosion and Drainage Problems

  •   Due-diligence, Damage Inspection & Report

  •   Insurance and Legal Support
Habitat Engineering & Forensics provides design, consulting and expert witness services
including peer reviews, investigations of construction defects/accidents/disputes, condition
and performance assessment, evaluation of damage, causation, errors & omissions, failure
analysis, repair & remediation design, and construction management. Our experience
includes buildings, bridges, silos, water containment vessels, pipelines, slabs, earth retaining
walls and structures, foundations,  pile driving, equipment installations, building component
failures,  demolitions, damage to historic structures, and personal injury cases.

Our clients have included architectural and construction firms, property owners and
individuals, technology & mining industries, governmental institutions, insurance companies
and law firms.  We have assisted the legal counsel for both plaintiff and defense.
  •  Civil/Structural Engineering & Construction
  •  Consulting, Design & Damage Investigations
  •  Defects, Accidents & Failure Analysis
  •  Repair, Remediation & Seismic Retrofit
  •  Insurance/Legal Support & Expert Witness Services
Habitat Engineering & Forensics is a Certified Small Business