Habitat Engineering & Forensics
446 - 17th Street, Suite 300
Oakland, CA  94612

Tel.  (510) 8 9 1- 0 3 0 0

Habitat Engineering & Forensics (HE&F) is a consulting engineering firm with offices in
Oakland and Fremont, California (San Francisco Bay Area).

We provide a broad range of services in structural, civil and geotechnical engineering to
architectural firms, property owners, other engineering firms and individuals
, construction,
utilities, technology and mining industries, governmental and educational institutions,
insurance companies and law firms.

With many years of experience in a broad spectrum of projects we are dedicated to service
and personal attention to client requirements. HE
&F provides engineering & construction
consulting, structural analysis,
Design & Retrofit, peer reviews, research and development,
Damage Investigations, Failure Analysis, and Insurance & Legal Support services.

Our design and remediation  projects benefit from our past investigations and forensic
experience in avoiding potential "hidden" pitfalls not commonly addressed in codes of
practice. Likewise, our design and construction management experience keep our damage
evaluations practical, abreast of latest developments in codes and specifications,
construction practices and standards of care. We believe this interaction benefits our clients
and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

Our experience ranges from new single-family buildings and additions to large mixed-use
residential-commercial, industrial and institutional projects. We have special expertise and
design experience using ecologically friendly construction materials such as adobe masonry.
Our advanced analysis capabilities (linear & nonlinear, dynamic, seismic, finite-element stress
analysis, fracture and plasticity) provide accurate solutions in challenging design and
investigative projects.

&F prides itself in providing cost-effective and timely consulting & solutions to engineering
and construction problems. Our multi-disciplinary capabilities and approach provide "one-
stop-shop" efficiency and convenience to our clients.

Our affiliated company “Habitat Construction” (www.HabitatConstruction.com) also provides
construction and construction management services. Please call or visit us to discuss your
project and/or problem.
Habitat Engineering & Forensics is a Certified Small Business
  •  Civil/Structural Engineering & Construction
  •  Consulting, Design & Damage Investigations
  •  Defects, Accidents & Failure Analysis
  •  Repair, Remediation & Seismic Retrofit
  •  Insurance/Legal Support & Expert Witness Services
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