Design & Retrofit Projects - Sample
Residential-Commercial Building,Wood,Steel,Concrete,Shotcrete,Irregular Building,Seismic Design
Residential-Commercial Building,Wood,Steel,Concrete,Seismic Design,Steel Special Moment-Resisting Frames,Reduced Beam Sections (Dog Bones)
Mixed-Use Residential Lofts & Commercial
Steel Special Moment Frame Construction
(Emeryville, California)
(with Struct-Tech Group)
Steel Beam-Column Connections With
"Dog-Bone" or Reduced Beam Sections
Multi-Unit Residential Condominium Building,Soft Soil Conditions,Optimized Gravity/Seismic Design using Finite Element Analysis
4,100 Square-ft  

(Orinda, California)
Wood-Framed Custom Residential Structure,Roof Trusses, Hill-side Retaining Wall

Concrete Slab &
Wood-Frame Construction
(Oakland, California)

(with Struct-Tech Group)
Protection of Adjacent Property
Mixed-Use Residential-Commercial Building,Earthquake Response Analysis,Performance Based Design
Roof - Scissors Trusses
Hillside Concrete Retaining Wall & Drainage Control
Roof Trusses
Floor Trusses
Wood-Framed Custom Residence,Pre-Fabricated Roof Trusses
Addition to Existing House, Vaulted Ceiling
5,151 Square-ft  Residence

(Fremont, California)
Foundation Settlement & Lack of Column Base Connection
Foundation Retrofit & Seismic Upgrade

(Belmont, California)
Distressed Footing!
Foundation Repair & Upgrade, Seismic Strengthening
Foundation, Lateral Wind & Earthquake Resisting Retrofit
Footing & Lateral

Construction Project Management

(Hillsborough, California)
School Renovation, Steel Canopy,Welded Connections
Steel Frames over Concrete Stem Walls
Formwork Preparation for Concrete Ramp (Disabeled/ADA Access)
Concrete Formwork Preparation Crew
Addition & Renovation

(Cupertino, California)
Pre-Fabricated Floor Trusses (Open-Web Joists)
Pre-Fabricated Roof Trusses for Coffered Ceiling
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