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Oakland, CA  94612

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Steel Special Moment Resisting Frame Building, Seismic Analysis, Performance-based Design, Push-over Analysis
Steel Moment-Frame Building with Reduced Beam Sections (RBS)
(Dynamic Spectral, Seismic & Push-Over Analyses)

Mixed-Use Commercial/Residential Building - Emeryville, California
Analysis of Buildings, Structures & Components - Sample
Concrete Slab-Column-Foundation,Earthquake Analysis,Perfomance Based Design,Foundation Optimization

Reinforced Concrete Garage Structure

(Finite Element Analysis for Gravity & Lateral Earthquake Loads)

Walker Avenue Condominiums - Oakland, California
High-Technology Equipment & Installation Frame, Dynamic Spectral Analysis, SEMI Code

Silicone Manufacturing Equipment    (3.7
Tons) Installed on 3rd Floor of an Industrial

(Dynamic Spectral Analysis
& Seismic Design for Support
Reinforced Concrete Slab-Columns & Foundation, Soil-Structure Interaction, Performance Based Design, Gravity & Earthquake Loads, Finite Element Analysis

Irregular Concrete Garage Slab
Supporting Wood-Frame Loft
Condominiums Above

(Finite Element Dynamic Analysis for Soil-Structure
Interaction to Optimize Foundation Design)

Emeryville, California
Habitat Engineering & Forensics is a Certified Small Business
  •  Civil/Structural Engineering & Construction
  •  Consulting, Design & Damage Investigations
  •  Defects, Accidents & Failure Analysis
  •  Repair, Remediation & Seismic Retrofit
  •   Insurance/Legal Support & Expert Witness Services